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There are a number of popular running camps around the Northeast, so what sets NKRC apart from the competition? We’re glad you asked!

  • Great training venues: We run entirely on soft surfaces in the forests and meadows of the Green Mountains.
  • Smart training: We do not over-train our campers! We create training groups that run at appropriate paces for campers of all abilities and offer flexible mileage targets for the week.
  • Pool running and yoga sessions  offered every morning.
  • New Balance tech shirt and backpack for every camper.
  • Self-selected learning curriculum: Campers get to learn about the topics they are most interested in.
  • World class guest speakers: Our 2015 lineup included Olympians, national champions, best-selling authors, and a Boston Marathon Champion!
  • Experienced successful high school coaches.
  • Cutting-edge video technology and bio-mechanics experts for gait analysis.
  • Elite college staff with whom to train.
  • Attended by top high school programs from around the Northeast.
  • Cold creek soaks at the end of every run.
  • Nightly recreation activities.
  • Beautiful, safe college campus.
  • A staff that is truly passionate about creating the best experience possible for every camper.

A Typical Day

Run, eat, learn, play, sleep, repeat.

A Typical Day

A typical day begins bright and early with an easy run through meadows and pine forests, followed by form drills and dynamic flexibility routines.

Having worked up a good appetite, everyone showers and heads to breakfast, where campers help themselves to all the sausage, eggs, cereal, and fresh fruit they can eat. We keep the cafeteria supplied with the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had!

Campers have free time after breakfast, hanging out on the quad or in the dormitory lounges before heading off to self-selected learning sessions.

After lunch, campers have more free time (we heartily recommend taking a nap), followed by a motivational talk from one of our premier guest speakers.

In mid-afternoon, we’ll bus out to great running venues throughout the area to run in groups and soak in cold mountain streams.

The bus ride usually includes an impromptu sing-along, and once we return, it’s dinner and free time all night. Campers can choose to participate in a variety of recreation activities—including organized games, the color wars competitions, and our evening shows—or simply relax with their peers and make new friends.

Sample schedule:

6:50 am

Wake up!

7:00 am

Meet with running groups for active warm-up, easy morning run, and stretching/core routine (campers may instead elect to partake in pool running or yoga class during the morning run).

8:00 am

All you can eat breakfast!

9:00 am

Shower, social time in lounges and on the quad

10:00 am

Morning announcements, mail call, introduction of morning classes

10:00 am

First learning session (topics such as nutrition, race psychology, team building, weight training for runners, self massage, etc.)

11:15 am

Second learning session

12:00 pm



1:00 pm

Free time

2:00 pm

Guest speaker

3:00 pm

Get ready for the afternoon run

3:15 pm

Load buses, head to great local running venues, run with groups, visit the local ice cream shop, soak in beautiful cold mountain streams

5:30 pm


6:30 pm

Active recreation options including capture the flag, volleyball, whiffle ball, ultimate frisbee

8:00 pm

Nightly show in the auditorium lead by our hilarious and talented college recreation staff

10:15 pm

Campers return to their dorms and get ready for bed

10:45 pm

Lights out


NKRC Training

The perfect preparation for your cross-country season.

Our training program is designed to help every runner leave camp feeling stronger, smarter, and more excited about running.

All campers run with peers of similar fitness levels, guided by college athletes and coaches who dictate proper training pace and volume. Those in our high school program train twice a day, while those in our middle school program have the option of single training sessions. Any athlete recently returning from injury or cautiously building fitness can opt for low-impact cross training alternatives such as yoga classes and pool-running. All of our afternoon runs are designed with optional add-ons, giving all runners the opportunity to tailor their training to their current fitness and goals.

To complement physical training, we offer performance-oriented learning sessions each day. Campers hear from a daily guest speaker and choose from a variety of workshops held in our classrooms, gymnasiums, and fitness center. Topics include:

  • Training physiology
  • Strength and flexibility routines
  • Goal setting
  • Racing psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Gait analysis and form drills
  • Team building

Whether you’re preparing for your first competitive season or defending your state title, our program is the perfect primer for the season ahead.

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July 28–August 3, August 4–10, 2019