Founders’ Statement

We’re starting Northeast Kingdom Running Camp to give runners and their coaches the best running camp experience in the country. Read on to see what makes our camp stand out.

As co-founders of NKRC, we’re thrilled to start a new chapter in the Lyndonville running camp tradition. Runners have been coming to camp in the Northeast Kingdom for decades, returning again and again because the place and the people who gather there offer something truly special. Collectively, we’ve experienced camp from every angle—as campers, college staff, coaches, administrators, and directors. It’s been a huge part of our lives, and when we saw the opportunity to share the experience with a new generation of runners, we jumped at it. We intend to give campers and coaches the most enjoyable, rewarding, and motivating running camp experience in the country. It’s an ambitious goal, but we have three big things going for us.

Let’s start with our program and people. Our program is designed to help every runner leave camp feeling stronger, smarter, and more excited about running. This includes individually tailored training, top-notch curricula, and all the athletic and educational amenities you’d expect of a college campus. But the true measure of our program is our people—those who return to Lyndonville year after year to share their passion for running. It’s our all-star counselors and coaches who together represent some of the best high school and collegiate running programs in the country. It’s the veteran campers who wouldn’t imagine going anywhere but Lyndonville for running camp. It’s the newcomers who’ve heard there’s something special going on here, who come to take part and add to our rich tradition.

Then, there’s our location in the Northeast Kingdom, named by the National Geographic Society as the most desirable place to visit in the country. Our soft pine needle trails, gorgeous rolling meadows, and quiet dirt roads are a runner’s paradise—the ideal setting for summer training. They offer challenging hills, soft even surfaces, and breathtaking scenery. We have miles of trails right on campus for our morning runs; we also scout out the very best routes in the area and bus campers out to experience them every afternoon. Campers will get a completely new training venue every afternoon, all of which end at pristine creeks where they can dip in the water and soak their legs.

Last but not least, there’s value. We offer the full services and amenities of a college-facility running camp at a price well below that of our competitors. NKRC is built around the things that make a great running camp experience, rather than those that just make a great running camp brochure. This helps us deliver the best camp experience at the lowest possible cost; we pass the savings on to campers and their families.

If you want to know more about what makes the NKRC experience special, ask the coaches and campers who’ll make the trip from Bronxville, Collegiate, St. Anthony’s, Carmel, Griswold, Hall, Glastonbury, Conard, Cheshire, Xavier, Newburyport and North Redding, just to name a few. Better yet, join us this summer. We can’t wait to share NKRC with you.

— Nick Roosa, Mike Flynn, and Sandy Anderson