At NKRC, we’re passionate about two things: running and fun.

Our program is designed to give campers a phenomenal week of training, that is also the most fun part of their summer. Campers get to run on some of the best terrain in the country, choose their own learning sessions, and hear from renowned coaches and athletes. When you’re not running, we keep you active and entertained with evening recreation like the talent competition, and counselor comedy night, active games like capture the flag and the volleyball tournament, and chances to enjoy the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom like our day trip to lake Willoughby.


There are a number of popular running camps around the Northeast, so what sets NKRC apart from the competition? We’re glad you asked! Great training venues – we run entirely on soft surfaces in the forests and meadows of the green mountains Smart training – we do not run over train our campers! We create training … Read More

A Typical Day

A typical day begins bright and early with an easy run through meadows and pine forests, followed by form drills and dynamic flexibility routines. Having worked up a good appetite, everyone showers and heads to breakfast, where campers help themselves to all the sausage, eggs, cereal, and fresh fruit they can eat. We keep the … Read More


Our training program is designed to help every runner leave camp feeling stronger, smarter, and more excited about running. All campers run with peers of similar fitness levels, guided by college athletes and coaches who dictate proper training pace and volume. Those in our high school program train twice a day, while those in our … Read More


Our camp is set on the scenic campus of Vermont’s Lyndon State College: a safe, comfortable setting with immediate access to great running venues. We have a state-of-the-art theater for guest speakers and nightly recreation shows, as well as a beach volleyball court, grass playing fields, and all-you-can-eat dining facility. On most afternoons we leave … Read More


Founded and staffed by successful high school coaches and elite NCAA athletes, our camp draws on a summer running tradition that has thrived in Northeastern Vermont for over four decades.